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Gianandrea Noseda

Conductor Laureate, BBC Philharmonic

Chief Guest Conductor, Israel Philharmonic

Maurice Ravel La Valse

Bass clarinet in B flat transposed

from original part in A



Transposed from A to B Flat - $7.50

Ravel wrote the bass clarinet part in his great work La Valse for bass clarinet in A.  La Valse  is a major work for bass clarinet and is on most, if not all, bass clarinet orchestral audition lists.  It is a very difficult transposition and the notes com fast and furious.

Every professional bass clarinet player that I know has their own part for La Valse copied out for B fla bass clarinet.  While there are numerous works in the bass clarinet repertoire for bass clarinet in A that are easily transposed at sight, none of my colleagues take the chance to transpose La Valse  at sight.