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Working The Single Reed

The Definitive "How-To" make single reeds work!

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Working The Single Reed instructional video

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"...the best clarinetto basso I have ever met"

Gianandrea Noseda

Conductor Laureate, BBC Philharmonic

Chief Guest Conductor, Israel Philharmonic


This is the finest instructional video available on basic reed work. It will help all single reed players from the youngest of students to the professional. These are "life" skills for adjusting the single reed.

Author David Bourque was a member of the  for almost 30 years.   His practical knowledge of the clarinet, bass clarinet and how reeds work is legendary.

This is the definitive how-to videofor adjusting commercially made single reeds.  The video demonstrates sinple techniques in how to:

• Fix unresponsive reeds 
• Make more reeds play well
• Learn how to scrape a reed
• Learn where to scrape a reed
• Have more reed stability
• No more waterlogged reeds
• Adjust the Légère Reed

This is an .m4v file that plays on any device.  It is well suited to iPhones or iPads.  

Please note: The file size is about 85MB and can take a few minutes  to download.

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