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“Because of David’s long orchestra tenure, he not only knows the repertoire inside out but has a unique perspective of every piece, having sat in the "middle" of the orchestra as a career.

His work with the Woodwinds of our orchestra centered on balance, tone quality and the necessity of having perfect rhythm. With a hands on approach combined with a gentle and encouraging manner, David was able within a few minutes, to change the sound of the winds to be more focused and also able to instill a sense of ownership in the section. His help had a positive effect on the artistic level of our concert.

I would recommend David for any situation where he had an opportunity to work with high school and college age musicians. He would be an asset to any"building" situation and a huge help to any conductor with high standards.”

David Effron

Chair and Principal Conductor

Indiana University Orchestras

Orchestral Wind Coaching

David writes:  “Many fine university programmes have full or part-time wind, brass and string coaches.  The standard method of coaching goes something like this:  the coach sits out in the auditorium and listens to the orchestra play...at the break or at the end of the rehearsal, the coach gives his comments to the students.”

“During my many years with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, I did not spent much time in the audience seating in the concert hall. However, I have spent tens of thousand of hours sitting in the wind section.  It only makes sense to me that I coach from the middle of the section, the place from where I have been listening to an orchestral wind section for 30 years.”

“During the rehearsal, I offer ‘real-time’ comments to the students.  Depending on the wishes of the conductor, I offer these comments when he stops, or sometimes I offer them as the students are playing. “

“The students get a chance to try the advice, right then and there.  I will reinforce the ideas when they do them correctly, else I will offer additional instruction.”

“I have coached using this style at Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University; University of Toronto, Faculty of Music; and at the New World Symphony.  This is a highly effective and efficient way to communicate orchestral techniques to students.”

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