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Film and Sound Recording

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This is a TV commercial for Purina Maxx cat litter.  It is remarkable for its early use of CGI.  The narrator is Terry O’Reilly, the composer David Fleury, and the clarinettist is David Bourque.

David Bourque’s film and sound recording work includes many episodes of the re-makes of the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, seven seasons on "Road to Avonlea"  and numerous episodes of ‘Street Legal’. He is also heard in the Academy Award winning Norman Jewison film, ‘Moonstruck’ , the Dan Ackroyd - Jack Lemmon film, ‘Getting Away with Murder’ and the miniseries soundtracks ‘Texas' and Larry McMurtry's ‘The Streets of Laredo’. 

David Bourque plays in the film score for the 1996 remake of ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ (directed by John Frankenheimer and starring Marlon Brando), Academy Award™ winner Mychael Danna’s score to ‘The Ice Storm’  and many made for TV movies including the CBC docudrama of the Avro Arrow story.  

In addition, David has recorded hundreds of TV jingles over the years.  The Purina Maxx cat litter commercial is shown on the left..

Sample recordings of solo and chamber music can be found HERE.  

Hot News

“David is, and has been through these years, my first call for clarinet and bass clarinet. His professionalism, enthusiasm, and understanding of the requirements of this kind of job are complete and totally reliable.

His playing has made such an impression on some of my New York and Hollywood peers that he becomes a topic of conversation when we get into discussions of recording orchestras and favourite players. His phrasing, timbre and tone colouring, to play perfectly in tune, to blend with any other instrument or group of instruments, and to sight-read anything on the stand have put his name on the top of my list, which, by the way, is star-studded, given the wonderful clarinetists we have in the Toronto area."

Christopher Dedrick (d. 2009), Composer

Past President, Guild of Canadian Film Composers